Free Pattern: Crochet Toilet Paper Roll

An ad-free, printer-friendly version of this crochet pattern is available in the Etsy shop for a small fee. All money raised from the sale of this pattern will be donated to a cause in support of the fight against COVID-19.

This easy amigurumi pattern takes our fascination with hoarding toilet paper to a new level. Turn this squishy roll of 2-ply to a keychain to remind you that you’re never alone when you stay at home.

Also, please do not copy and resell this pattern. If the world doesn’t end and postal service is fully running, you can sell your creations.


  • White medium weight yarn
  • Brown medium weight yarn (optional)
  • Black medium weight yarn for face
  • Keychain clasp or ring (optional)
  • Stuffing
  • 3.5 mm crochet hook (size E)
  • Stitch markers
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors


Rnd – round
Ch – chain
St – stitch
Sc – single crochet
Inc – increase (crochet 2 in one st)
Dec – decrease (sc2tog)
sc2tog – single crochet two together
* – repeat instructions between asterisks until the end of the round


  • You will be crocheting the following pieces:
    • Toilet paper roll
    • Toilet paper strand
    • Two brown circles to emulate the cardboard roll (optional)
  • The TP roll is worked in a continuous round
  • When working in the round, place a stitch marker on the 1st stitch of each round to keep track of the rounds
  • The TP strand is crocheted flat and sewn onto the roll
  • For this pattern, facial features are sewn in. You can use safety eyes if you wish.
  • Feel free to post photos of your work, sell your finished creations, and tag me @nextstitch. I’d love to see it!



Using white medium weight yarn and a 3.5 mm crochet hook.

Note: If you wish to crochet the brown circular sides into the main TP roll, instead of as separate pieces, start by using brown yarn for the first two rounds. Change to white yarn at the beginning of round 3. For the final two rounds – round 20 and 21—change back to brown yarn.

Rnd 1: Single crochet 6 in a magic ring (6 st)

Rnd 2:  Inc in each st around (12 st)

Rnd 3: *Sc, inc* around (18 st)

Rnd 4: *Sc 2, inc* around (24 st)

Rnd 5: *Sc 3, inc* around (30 st)

Rnd 6: In the back loop only, sc in each st around (30 st)

Rnd 7-17: Sc around for a total of 11 rounds (30 st)

Rnd 18: In the back loop only, *sc 3, dec* around (24 st)

Fold the last round you crocheted inwards to give the roll its cylinder shape.

1-1  2

Turn the piece sideways and sew eyes and a mouth using a strand of black yarn. I started the eyes 3 rows in from the side, sewing diagonal and horizontal lines that go across 2 rows.3-1

Rnd 19: Crocheting in both loops, *sc 2, dec* around (18 st)

Stuff the roll just enough so that the sides of the cylinder do not stick out.


Rnd 20: *Sc, dec* around (12 st)

Rnd 21: Dec around (6 st)

Slip stitch into the next stitch and fasten off by chaining 2, cutting the yarn and pulling the yarn tight. Sew the end closed with the yarn tail.


Row 1: Ch 12. Starting from the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in each st across. Ch 1 and turn. (11 st)

Row 2-12: *Sc across. Ch 1 and turn.* Repeat * for a total of 12 rows of sc. (11 st)

Fasten off leaving a long tail (longer if you are going to add a keychain loop). Sew the strand to the bottom back of the roll.



Using brown yarn, sc 6 in a magic ring (6 st). Slip stitch into the next stitch and fasten off leaving a bit of a yarn tail for sewing. Repeat instructions to make 2 pieces.

Position the circle over the centre of one side of the roll and sew in place. Repeat on the other side of the roll.



There are many ways to add a keychain to the roll.

Here’s what I did:

After sewing the TP strand, bring the white yarn tail through to the top of the roll.

Tie a knot in one of the stitches to serve as the base of a keychain loop.

Draw up a loop in one of the top stitches and then chain 10 (chain more for a longer keychain loop).

Remove your crochet hook and add the keychain ring.

Insert your crochet hook back in and pull up a loop near the knot you started from.

Ch 2 to fasten off. Weave the end into the roll.

And you’re done!



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